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According to tradition, households cook a large batch of pongal or rice that is cooked in a large bowl of milk and served along with savory and sweet dishes. If you love oysters, Oktoberfest 2023 don’t miss the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival held every June in California. Oysters are tasty, juicy, can be cooked in different ways and increase male sexual libido!

There is also a wealth of live entertainment, including rock/pop bands and traditional pub games. This colorado food festival has certainly retained the title “classic” in its name, as for 34 years it has become one of America’s most important culinary events. More than 5,000 foodies attend this 3-day event in the mountains, featuring more than 550 restaurant and wine professionals and more than 70 famous chefs, including Jacques Pépin, Gale Simmons, Curtis Stone and many others. The highlight of the festival is the Grand Tasting Pavilion, a magical place where foodies can taste wine and food from all over the world.

For 30 years, this has been one of the world’s best food festivals thriving and attracting foodies to Australia. Starting 10 days between March and April, foodies can soothe their senses with more than 150 events that offer the best food. Think delicious pastas, pizzas, vegan meals, and plenty of alcoholic beverages to try.

From a multistage music festival featuring the best of a city’s restaurants to gatherings focused on a particular regional dish, the stops on our heterogeneous mix tour are rich in local food and culture. It is a two-week festival that ends on the first Sunday in October. They have a variety of beers to choose from and gallons of beer are consumed every day during this festival. Even if you’re not a big beer lover, Oktoberfest also has several culinary delights like roast chicken, pretzels, and sausages.

When planning a culinary adventure, keep in mind that in addition to the culinary experience, many food and wine festivals offer a variety of activities to whet your appetite or burn some calories. The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Cake Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. Families come together to celebrate the harvest of the year and make offerings to the moon goddess Chang’e. Sweet mooncakes made from lotus paste with an egg yolk center are often eaten, and children carry lanterns to commemorate the event. This amazing festival is celebrated throughout Asia, including China, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan. The March Hokitika Wild Food Festival in New Zealand is a culinary adventure for those whose taste buds are looking for extra thrills.

Pub food is a British staple and this unique festival takes some of the best pubs on tour across the country. Hosted by Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge, Pub in the Park brings the best aspects of a traditional English pub to the festival circuit; Expect live music, craft beers, and great food. Now that summer is in full swing, you’ll be grateful to find every excuse to spend as much time as possible near the ocean. You’re in luck; Two of the best food festivals in August allow you to do just that.

Feast Portland prides itself on being not only a food festival, but also a movement that showcases America’s energy, creativity, and enthusiasm for food, while celebrating the culinary world of the Pacific Northwest. They offer great events like daily tastings and an invitation-only sandwich, but they also have more intimate gatherings like Franklin BBQ and a picnic with professional chefs. During the four-day festival there are also hands-on classes, dinner series with esteemed restaurants and panels on wine, beer and spirits. You can also feel good about yourself while eating during the festival, as the net proceeds will be donated to Partners for a Hunger Free Oregon. Every year, the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival in Switzerland celebrates the cuisine of international master chefs for 5 days.

Only the most magical place in the country could celebrate the most magical food festival, right? This month-long event takes place at Disney World’s Epcot resort, which offers tons of global cuisines, wines and beers. Throughout the park there is a global market, concerts, seminars, demonstrations and gastronomic adventures with 270 international chefs.

Along with the incredible variety and amount of beer you get here, you can also enjoy some tasty dishes at the festival. It is without a doubt one of the most famous food festivals in the world. A beer lover’s paradise: Manchester’s biggest craft beer festival is coming to Depot Mayfield this summer. Expect a weekend of world-class beers, from sours to stouts, from more than 50 breweries, along with live music from DJ Norman Jay and Goldie.