7 Essential Skills Of Supply Chain Leaders And Why You Need Them

Second, by researching and describing the process of how SC professionals learn at work, this study contains a new level of specificity in the current study. More specifically, the study expands previous research that has identified the competences needed for SC professionals, but has not explained how to achieve them (Schulze et al. 2019; Derwik et al. 2016; Shou and Wang, 2015; Christopher, 2012; Murphy and Poist, 2006). This study highlights how SC professionals use different learning mechanisms to acquire such skills, but also suggests the need to differentiate such learning based on seniority. The study also complements research that has investigated the development of such competence, but focused on formal SCM education . This concept is important because it helps explain why people at SCM offer a unique source of sustainable competitive advantage (Hohenstein et al. 2014).

While this doesn’t magically solve problems, it will help manage your results and put the organization in the best position for future growth and success. Like financial intelligence, information technology is an important skill for modern business professionals, even though their work is not technical. Information Supply Chain Recruiters technology is one of the most critical priorities of many organizations, so if you have a fundamental understanding of the field, you can distinguish yourself and diversify your skills. It is important to understand that this does not require much technical experience or experience for most people.

Such mobility programs can also promote social cohesion, along with understanding and respecting the profession of supply chain management in the largest organization. The panel of respondents is critical of the success of an in-depth interview study . We use deliberate theory-based samples to ensure that expert respondents have addressed the expected variation of the phenomenon in focus (Palinkas et al. 2015). The sample criterion corresponded to the selection of experience in Delphi’s studies, where we focus on highly experienced SC professionals in leadership positions known for their deep competence in SCM. All respondents were employed by large international companies known for their SC orientation.

Businesses have been on hold for the past three to six months, and now its leadership in procurement and supply chains is forced to find new and creative ways to manage the purchase and movement of goods on a global scale. There is no easy answer to solve this current challenge and many companies are already experiencing the financial impact of these rates on their results. Some companies need to withdraw and adjust production and inventory levels to overcome the storm, while others find innovative solutions to ship and import their products related to packaging, labeling and logistics.

With a master’s degree in information management from Arizona State University in Tempe, Goehring combines technology and analytical skills to take advantage of the big data to provide the best shipping solutions to Avnet customers. As the business generational landscape evolves, millennials can be the greatest asset in inventory management because of their commitment to advising and sharing their passion for the profession. Many of the rising stars of the program are mentors for students and young people entering their organizations.