Make-up For Warm Weather

I use it all year round, but it is especially perfect during the summer months. Contains SPF 50 and tons of skin-loving ingredients. I put a pump or two of these on my face to match my skin color and give it a nice shine. I don’t wear extensive makeup during the hot summer months. The heat and humidity we have in Maryland would melt it anyway.

Add a tanning product to your summer make-uproutine for a wet glass skin finish. The skin paint is perfect for a second skin effect and is packed with antioxidants and a blue light protector. In the blazing sun, a face full of makeup can feel heavy and even become liquid. Start with sunscreen and follow a dyed moisturizer, BB cream, face powder or keep your skin exposed and correct with your favorite concealer. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour waterproof concealer ($ 25; has an oil-free formulation, matte building coverage and 12-hour stamina.

To keep your makeup intact on those hot summer days, apply a primer. VDL Lumilayer Primer is composed with prismatic pearls that visibly fill, lighten and sculpt the skin while the pores fade. This light primer improves basic wear and provides a durable silky finish. You can even use it instead of foundation for a shiny complexion. In most salons and department stores you can buy waterproof mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow.

I still love to watch and feel, but together, and these products are perfect for that. This light cream leaves the skin immediately soft and moist, never greasy. But while it provides enough moisture at once, the formula is buildable so it can be layered on those days when your skin feels drier. You have an anti-redness complex equal to the skin color.

Lower it into your skin before applying the base and use knocking movements instead of sliding so you don’t create texture. Also use a good setup spray like Urban Decay or NYX setup spray. You can also spray a little adjustment spray on the eyeshadow brushes to keep the eyeshadow longer. Place the base with powder and carry some with you so that you can touch it at night. When the weather gets warmer, thick makeup melts, so it’s important to rethink your beauty routine during the warmer months.

Say goodbye to heavy formulas and banquet powders and say hello to color scrubbers and multitasking products that can do it all. Read on to discover how to apply makeup for warm weather and learn how to look flawless and never nervous by nature. If you prefer natural summer make-up looks, cuddle shiny skin (you can also lean on sweat, right???). This small tube combines three steps of your routine into one product.

Suggestion for summer makeup number one is to stay away from the sun and protect your precious skin! Combine the bronzer with a tone that is only a few shades darker than your skin color. Place it lightly during application wherever the sun naturally hits your face: nose, cheeks and forehead. However, I understand that sometimes we have to hide the pimples and acne scars and therefore I recommend covering only that patch with a full lid base, only in that area where you need it. It’s the summer season and it can get really dry or very wet, and the look of heavy makeup that melts on your skin just doesn’t appeal to me.

We all need new summer make-up ideas now to overcome the stylish heat. The first key is to use a good moisturizer on the washed face and then sunscreen. This is an essential tattoo lip liner step to protect the skin from UV rays. There are several make-up products on the market that are processed with sun protection, which should only be used in summer.