Can Addons Help You With RIFT Warrior Builds and RIFT Mage Leveling Build?

Let’s take a closer look at this topic and see if add-ons can really help you – or not – with these builds.

The biggest comparison is with World of Warcraft, which has hundreds if not thousands of add-ons. There are add-ons that change the design of the user interface, add-ons for meetings with bosses in dungeons and raids, as well as all sorts of add-ons associated with the classes.

Over time, certain additions (recalculation, equipment score, boss modifications) became mandatory for a player wishing to participate in robberies in WoW. Raiders are selected based on equipment assessments, it is expected that they will have bosses’ addons, and their effectiveness is measured by recalculation. Another aspect that gamers have been discussing for a long time is setting up the WoW user interface with add-ons.

Is this the beginning of the end of RIFT?

Some players argue that add-ons are one of the things that have destroyed the friendly WoW community, and are concerned that add-ons may do the same in Rift. Of course, not all add-ons are considered dangerous, add-ons that can improve call knowledge, such as the Rift Warrior or Rift m-a-g-e update versions, are considered useful. The real problem is with damage counting add-ons and scoring add-ons.

At WoW, these add-ons have become a powerful criterion for evaluating character knowledge and characteristics. The phrase “Equipment Assessment has nothing to do with skills” is well known to WoW players and is the main argument against overuse of these add-ons. What if Rift gets a similar addition? The chances of this happening are quite high. How to treat it depends on the players. As long as they put the knowledge of conscripts and playing skills above a certain value of the equipment, the situation WoW will not arise.

What to look for

In addition to evaluating the equipment, there are other suitable filters. For example, if a raid leader considers a soldier a supply point, he/her may be asked about the Rift Soldier’s design for supply. A player who knows his upgrade for Rift m-a-g-e can be considered an appellant player, so the hardware rating is not that important. It all comes down to common sense.

It’s the same with add-ons such as damage counting. Its overuse can make a pug out of a dungeon terrible. There are times when the best d-p-s player continues to spam group chats with the damage counter so that he/she can boast of it. Maybe d-p-s m-a-g-e is trying a new Rift M-a-g-e pumping level, or the soldier is still getting used to its new Rift Warrior builds. As long as the bosses fall, no player is responsible for their affairs. This is another sign of maturity and common sense.

Will Rift add-ons?

It all depends on his base of players. add-ons will certainly make changes, but only players can dictate whether the changes will be good or bad. Players should remember that the add-ons are designed to improve the game, not to spoil it. On the official Rift forums on topics such as Rift m-a-g-e leveling build or Rift warrior builds, players are already actively discussing add-ons.

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