Dgm High Performance Nozzle Belt Heaters

The temperature of the rear area is controlled by a series of heating tapes (usually 3 to 6 bands). It is located directly below the dining throat and consists of the last third of the total length of the boiler. The right temperature is usually 15% lower than the front area. Then the central zone should be the average of 538°F and 460°F or 500°F. To save costs, insulating jackets can be placed around the injection container. Mica belt heaters play an important role in numerous industrial processes.

If possible, it is also recommended to specify tape clamping devices to keep the heater in place. These devices have a lower thermal expansion rate than the heater, so they can help keep the heater firmly running during operation. Instead, it is often environmental factors that cause a short circuit, create hot spots, or simply push the heater beyond its normal operating temperature. All these factors cause a heater to fail prematurely and need to be replaced. Of course, minimizing these environmental factors can reduce the frequency of replacing belt heaters in your operation. Terminal Box – Available for most configurations with postal terminals.

Tempco offers from stock a wide range of standard Mightyband coil heaters for forming bushings without plastic injection brokers and for internally heated injection molding machine nozzles. The inner diameter of a spiral heater is rolled up to a smaller size for a screwed fit. Mightyband heaters are suitable for a wide range of applications.

They have mica or ceramic insulation that ensures high dielectric strength and effective heat transfer. Thermal Corporation belt heaters are made from the highest quality materials available. Strip heaters are built by a resistance element that is wrapped around the mica and then insulated with mica on both sides of the element. A sheet of coated steel folds around the composite layers of mica. Strip heaters are most commonly used to heat flat metal parts such as plates and dies by attaching one of the surfaces to the metal part. They are also used for containers for heating liquid or solid containers.

Therefore, in cases where the design of a heater does not work, e.B. If a tape cannot be installed above the barrel end of a machine without stretching the heater, use a heater that is more suitable for the application, e.B. A two-piece design is also a good choice when a large-diameter tape is required: the two-piece design minimizes the possibility of developing airspace. Mica Band Heater Manufacturer Two-piece ceramic tapes can also be used on large diameter barrels. Extruded aluminum strips are equipped with tubular heating elements that run in a precise grove in a segment of extruded aluminum. With a rated temperature of 600oF and watt densities of 35 to 40 W/in2, these heaters are durable and can withstand contaminants from plastic, oil and other materials.

If the required power exceeds the range for mica and ceramic tapes, a high-density wattage tape should be used. Electric mica belt heaters are used to heat cylindrical surfaces and a wide range of industrial equipment such as extruders, injection molds, pipes, granulators, blow molds and blown film lines. Typical applications are plastic molding, extrusion and molding presses. Ceramic belt heaters are also used for pipe heaters, heat treatments and autoclaves, or for any application where heat needs to be applied to a cylindrical surface.

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