How to Determine the Perfect Feng Shui Car Number

The Chinese have an obsession with numbers. They believe in auspicious numbers and whenever they purchase a new car, they always try to obtain an auspicious Feng Shui car number. The importance เลขมงคล of lucky numbers is not restricted to license plate numbers, the Chinese also look for auspicious numbers in almost everything in daily life.

Auspicious numbers are used in determining marriage dates and in determining the compatibility of couples. It is also used in birth conception. Some couples try to ‘time’ the day their children are conceived, hoping the child will be born at a lucky time.

It is important to understand what numbers are auspicious and what numbers are considered to be unlucky. This is especially so when giving gifts. Some superstitious Chinese are easily offended by gifts that may bear an ‘unlucky’ omen.

The Chinese place heavy emphasis on a good Feng Shui car number. This is because they want their vehicle to be ‘lucky’ and safe on the road. The emphasis on car numbers is so heavy, that some Chinese believe that cars that have been in accidents must now be lucky numbers due to karma; since something unfortunate happened to a vehicle of that number, that same number must now be due for some good luck.

The process in determining a good Feng Shui number, or any number for that matter, can be long and convoluted. Feng Shui Geomancers use an elaborate system of checks and balances in trying to balance karma and achieve the optimal lucky digits. Some numbers that are unlucky for some may be lucky for others. Therefore, there is no definitive guide or set of numbers that will universally lucky for everyone.

The one exception to the rule is the number 8. In Cantonese the pronunciation of 8 sounds like the Cantonese equivalent of prosperity. Hence, a series of numbers that end with 8 are generally considered lucky. The more times 8 appears, the luckier the numbers are.

To the Chinese, the number 4 is the Western equivalent of 13. The Chinese regard the number 4 to be unlucky because of its pronunciation. The number 4, when pronounced in either Cantonese or Mandarin, is a dead ringer for “death”. Hence, a series of numbers that end with 4 or have multiple occurrences of 4 are considered unlucky. The number 4, in its very essence, is the embodiment of death.

These numbers are important to the Chinese. To prevent a faux pas, it is imperative that you avoid giving the Chinese any items that are 4 in quantity. Conversely, it is considered extremely polite and thoughtful to give the Chinese items in quantities of 8.

The examples listed above are microcosms of the various systems the Chinese use to determine lucky numbers. If you want to determine a tailor made set of numbers that were designed for you, you will need to delve deeper into the realm of Feng Shui Geomancy. Consulting a Feng Shui Geomancer is one sure way to ascertain the best Feng Shui car number for you.

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