Natural Molybdenum For Candida Sufferers

The human body contains about 0.07 mg of molybdenum per kilogram of weight. It occurs in higher doses in both the kidneys and liver and in lower concentrations in the vertebrae. Molybdenum is also there within tooth enamel and may aid preventing its decay. Pork, lamb and beef liver each have approximately 1.5 parts per million of molybdenum. Other important dietary sources are including green beans, sunflower seeds, eggs, lentils, cereal grain, and wheat flour.

Molybdenum Trioxide Powder is vital for the function of at least three important enzymes in the body: 1) aldehyde oxidase for our bodies’ handling of aldehydes it produces and those encountered in the environment; 2) xanthine oxidase for the conversion of purines into uric acid; and 3) sulfite oxidase for the conversion of irritating sulfites into harmless sulfates. In addition, molybdenum is found in many biological processes in conjunction with iron and is found to cause a response in AK indicators akin to that of iron. Also, molybdenum is an antagonist to copper and vice versa. Considering all of the above factors has led to our understanding of how molybdenum is usually a necessary adjunct to the treatment of Candida albicans allergy.

The only thing I have found to get it is to buy it. It normally is included in any group of minerals supplement you may buy but it is a little more difficult to find on its own.

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