Rift Guides

With the huge popularity of the game Rift there was a virtual avalanche of guides who want to show players how to approach every aspect of the game. For those who may not have heard of this new MMORPG or network role-playing game. A massive multiplayer game (you must have lived in a cave or been on the space station for months), Rift literally took the world by storm. Here we’re going to take a look at the various guides available for the Rift game, and try to pass them.

First of all, I think I should mention that there is an online guide to various online games, including, among other things, the Rift game. The Rift guide on their pages is for beginners in the game and has a very simple and understandable format. He guides the player by the hand through a maze of calls, showers and other aspects of the game that a beginner needs to at least consciously begin his experience in The Rift. It’s called KFGuides, and I’d recommend going there first to get general information about the game, as it’s a free resource.

Then there’s the Xerxes manual, which I think was one of the first guides to reach the Rift. Xerxes says it is a “complete guide to the development of the Rift.” It helps players complete tasks step by step. It also guides players through the game and provides cards so you don’t get lost. The Xerxes guide consists of four levels: Beginner’s Guide, Fault and Invasion Guide, User Interface Guide, and Game Mechanics Guide.

Kalmar’s guide is only for players who want to play for the Guardian. First I have to explain that in Rift for the Salvation of the World Oflar fight two factions – Gaurdians and Rebel, who do not always meet face to face when it comes to the methods that need to be used to create this fantastic land. . Kalmar’s guide explains in detail how deep the Rift game is. He spends a lot on Rift classes and subcategories. The main goal is to bring players to the maximum level (50) as quickly as possible so that they can just play the rest of the game and enjoy the content without stress at all levels. As with most guides, this says that previous levels are very simple until you reach Level 10.

Next, we move on to the Rift Power Improvement Guide. This is a very good guide, written by the player of the 50 level. On the sales page of this guide, the author tells how he got into the game in a match with a friend when he was stuck at level 10. He goes on to say that this friend married him when he had to quit the game. for a while. He says they were both on the same level 12 when he paused, and when he returned, his friend was completely at level 40. He showed a friend to show him (it cost him money) how to pass the game and he was going to do it. He said he was tired of people asking him how he did it, so he wrote this guide.

Finally, we approached Rift Supremacy, the last one to enter the ring. In itself, being the last guide is probably a huge plus for this guide. Their creators were able to connect with more people participating in The Rift beta testing by providing them with more information on how to improve their level in Rift the fastest way. Rift. This guide also offers something that no other guide can claim, namely that in addition to text instructions, there is also a series of videos to familiarize players with the game. Because Rift is a visual experience, it follows that incorporating videos into this guide would be a great tool and an important argument for selling.

Of course, this is just a summary of some of the many guides available for playing Rift. These guides just don’t have much information because their creators don’t want people to learn too much about how to play Rift by limiting their sales of these products. As always, you have to be very careful when deciding which to buy or not to buy at all.

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