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  • 7 Essential Skills Of Supply Chain Leaders And Why You Need Them

    Second, by researching and describing the process of how SC professionals learn at work, this study contains a new level of specificity in the current study. More specifically, the study expands previous research that has identified the competences needed for SC professionals, but has not explained how to achieve them (Schulze et al. 2019; Derwik […]

  • 10 Essential Safety Tips For Truck Drivers

    People often underestimate the number of tasks a large truck can drive. It is related to more responsibility than a normal four-door sedan or even an SUV, and sometimes this fact can be overlooked. Certain habits that must be present when driving a car almost need to be strengthened to operate a truck safely and […]

  • A Guide To Essential Basic Tools For Cutting Beginner Wood, Including Videos On How To Do It

    The 1095C steel grade will range from approximately .59 to .62 on the Rockwell Black Diamond hardness tester. The handles of the wood carvings also have a shorter length than that of the wood. Wood crystal pendant necklace carving tools, such as chip cutting blades, cutting blades and chisels, must have good edge retention for […]