You Wont Believe the Exciting Sporting Events Coming Up!

Summertime is always a great time for sports fans, with the world’s best athletes competing in major tournaments. Here are some of the most exciting sporting events coming up this summer:

The women’s World Cup is taking place in notre dame vs ohio state France from June 7th to July 7th. This tournament is always highly competitive, and with teams like the United States, England, and Germany competing, there should be plenty of exciting matches.

From June 21st to July 2nd, the Wimbledon tennis tournament will be taking place in London. This event is always one of the most popular on the tennis calendar, and with stars like Roger Federer and Serena Williams competing, it is sure to be exciting.

The Tour de France cycling race begins on July 6th and runs for three weeks.

Final Thoughts On The NBA Finals, What’s Ahead For The Raptors In Ye Olde Mailbag

Another good week here at Ye Olde Mailbag and I can’t wait for next week and all the “how in the world did they take this Barnes kid of Suggs” questions.

Oh, wait. That was a year ago.

Well, we’ll see what’s up this week but until then, enjoy this.

Q: Dear DougAs one of your regular irregulars, just wondering why you found the finals so boring?

I know you wrote about it – but I’m not understanding what’s upsetting you.  Each game separated by ten points or more?  Still can be exciting, especially if a come from behind team takes it.  On the other hand I enjoyed it and I don’t mind saying that my prediction was GS in 7, with Boston having to win their last game in Boston for that to work.  I came up short.

But I was still thrilled, especially at the game 1 performance of Boston.  I really think they shook GS back into marching order – my view- no need to agree etc.

My main question is this, Boston took it’s chances on Kyrie, then Kemba, didn’t work.  Who would you put in to get this team over the hump?Question 2:  Raptors – as is (and I know you’re asked this all the time, sorry, but you’re way closer to it all then the rest of us) or major changes coming at any position that you are aware of?  Any trade buzz for the off season?Keep doing what you are doing – keep getting on that barstoolIna G

A: It’s not that the NBA Finals weren’t good, there was some unbelievable moments and play and each game had big swings and runs, as almost every NBA game has. But each game also ended with one team dribbling out the clock and the last minute was boring and that lack of drama is the difference between a good series and a great one or a great one and an epic one.

I can’t give you a name because there are too many factors involved but the Celtics need to find the right point guard fit they haven’t yet.

All’s quiet with the Raptors, as it generally is every year at this time. I don’t suspect anything of significance will happen before the first week of July and even that’s unlikely.

Q: I liked your rumination on the playoffs as a whole and agree they certainly could have been more compelling. The best series I saw was Grizzlies and Wolves. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the finals and loved seeing Wiggins win; there aren’t many more attractive narratives than a redemption story and I think he qualifies.

While I’m at it, that was a pretty good prediction on your part, Mr. Blogger, almost as though it wasn’t your first rodeo. Thanks for all your efforts this season and congratulations on your impending senior citizenship. 

James A., Victoria

A: I’m going to ride out the next 340 days or so before I give in to senior citizenship but then I’m going to reap as many benefits as I can, believe you me.

Wiggins absolutely does qualify as a great redemption story but I also don’t plan on writing about him for some time.

But …


Don’t mind if we listen to this, right?

Q: Hello Doug,Apologies for this coming so extremely late — the week really slippedaway quickly and I’m easily distracted nowadays! Totally get it if theboat has sailed for this week.I’m sure you’ll be swamped by finals questions/comments, and am hoping my mundane inquiries aren’t too dull.

It’s thrilling to hear the buzz about Scottie Barnes and talk of him possibly heading for the All-Star level next season. Do you think this is realistic? Given his extraordinary gifts, his drive and focus, plus the Raps’ top-quality development and coaching staff and great teammates/mentors, it seems achievable to me, but maybe this is wishfulthinking!If you do think it’s possible, what would you give as your reasons why, and what does he need to address in order to get there?Also, a Khem Birch question. I’m a big fan: nothing flashy, just solid dedication, great teammate, and a total willingness to do whatever the team needs him to do. (Was also to be honest quite touched to see how happy and thankful he was to be home, and playing for the Raps).

It kind of breaks my heart that he had such rotten  luck with his health last season, but given how well he did *before* all that trouble, do you think a healthy Birch will be back, or do you expect he might be traded?If back, do you see him getting much in the way of minutes?Thanks for everything, and hoping all’s well at Casa Doug!KM

A: Oh, I think Barnes absolutely has all-star potential; he’s go that noticeable kind of varied skillset that voters and coaches notice. The East is loaded with great wings so it won’t be easy in the next year or two but I fully expect him to play in a few games before he’s done.

I’m a Birch fan, too, and he certainly went through a rough year from start to finish. That would certainly work against teams looking to acquire him because his recent track record is incomplete.

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