Your Guide To Selling Managed Services

In the field of information technology, the most common managed services seem to evolve around connectivity and bandwidth, network surveillance, security, virtualization and disaster recovery. In addition to traditional application and infrastructure management, managed services may also include storage, desk and communication, mobility, helpdesk and technical support. Learn more about the skills and capabilities required to successfully sell managed services?? Contact us so we can discuss your business challenges and desired results. Managed service organizations used to achieve success through testing and error, but TSIA has compiled over 20,000 data points that inform us of the keys to success. When a company hires a new manager, it gets a package of skills and experience.

You may have the best customer service personnel in the world, but if you are stuck with slow, lagging or non-intuitive systems, or if you cannot get the information you need when you need it, the result will be poor customer service experience. Choosing customer relationship management and contact center tools that support fast resolutions and stress-free experiences for your customers and employees is crucial. Find a platform that offers full integration with your other business systems and real-time data across your business, IT Firm so your staff have details at their fingertips. It’s all part of developing an agile workforce that can flex and change where needed, and for better customer service experiences. To return to the challenges managed service providers across the industry face, our members are also constantly telling us that selling managed services is a major challenge for their overall sales teams. In fact, sales of managed services have remained one of the top 10 business challenges TSIA has explored over the past seven years.

Some general management skills, such as drawing up a vision; motivate employees; organization; budget; and monitoring performance has been shown to translate well into new environments. Conventional wisdom states that a second category of management skills, specific to a particular company, such as knowledge of idiosyncratic processes and management systems, is also not transferred. Changing employers would lead to a short-term decline in manager performance until the individual develops new specific skills for the new company. But executives from companies like GE, known for their strong leadership development processes, can be expected to have premium transferable skills: general management skills. Under this subscription model, the customer or customer is the entity that owns or directly supervises the organization or system that is managed, while the managed service provider is the service provider that provides the managed services. The customer and the MSP are bound by a contractual service-level agreement that determines the performance and quality statistics of their relationship.

Written and oral communication skills are important for project managers. There are several qualities shared by effective project managers that increase their overall success in project and team management and management. The main qualities include strong communication and leadership skills and problem solving.

The application architecture that allows you to independently scale different workload elements means you can use cloud resources more efficiently. Your ability to adjust scalability may be affected by the way your cloud service provider packs your services and you want to find a provider that meets your requirements. More generally, search for structured processes, effective data management, good knowledge management and visibility of the service status. Also understand how the provider intends to resort to and support the continued compliance with these standards. Armed with clarity on technical, service, security, data management and service management requirements, you can question your selected group of potential providers more effectively. At a recent world conference on technology and services, I presented a session called “Five Pillars of a Managed Services Organization”.