Rift Leveling Guide: Your Number 1 Source For Fast Leveling In Minimal Time

This guide reveals the most effective strategies for rapid and easy level enhancement in Rift. You will quickly realize that reaching level 50 is very easy even for the first stopwatch. Switching from zuest hub to zuest Hub will bring you all the experience you need to upgrade in no time. This guide shows how to make the most of Rift time to reach level 50 with zuest Hubs. Between Faults, quests, PvP, Invasions, and Dungeons, the player’s choice can be left without specifying the direction when choosing the route of his level. To avoid this trap, this guide was created to highlight the most important tips and strategies for rapidly raising the level of your characters. In some cases the following fashions will be your best way to earn XP.

The quests bring you the most experience points during the game. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving or keeping an eye on the average player’s experience, you usually need research because all other delivery methods require the presence of other players. NPCs, travel points and more are marked on your map to facilitate navigation. The quest areas give you quests that will lead you to the next area of quests. This aspect of the game is important and it must be taken into account to pass the level faster. Accepting a mission from the NPC often results in two or three neighboring NPCs immediately offering you support quests. They are known as chain missions, and all these related missions must be accepted, completed and surrendered before moving on to the next group of missions.

Always try to complete quests at a slightly lower level than yours, it will speed up the research. Even if you’re more than one or two levels above the recommended quest range, you can still run it to get a full set of experiences. This makes the search much easier. This guide always recommends that you complete quests that match your level. If the proposed missions are above your current level, you should take a break from research and try one of the other XP earning methods. The advantage of this is that you can complete the quest several levels below you, much faster than those that are at your current level or higher. You will reach your goals much faster by killing mobs faster.

For many, faults and intrusions are very useful. On the one hand, they can be one of the best ways to gain experience, give excellent rewards for the booty and points fraction that would be a lot of fun! In other cases, you get almost nothing and earn very little experience. Many players don’t see the difference between them. Once you’ve completed the invasion rift, you get a small amount of experience for destroying mobs in a wave and a fair share of experience for completing an invasion or level in a rift. You will also be rewarded for any intrusions or levels of the Gorge that you will pass through. Therefore, the faster you complete the invasions and ravines, the more experience you will get. In other words, both are best done in large groups and large crowds.

If you were chasing the Rifts and trying to pass them alone, it would probably take a long time to destroy them all. Because of this, it is impossible to get much experience, as a lot of time is lost between navigating from canyon to canyon and trying to clear the waves. Or imagine taking part in a public raid of twenty people during an invasion. You can unlock 10 or more faults than thirty invasions per hour, and earn a huge amount of experience, replays and rewards for quests. I recommend avoiding unique enemy faults and intrusions if you don’t pass them on the way to the quest, and other players are not present. Don’t try to make holes alone or “hunt” them in groups – unless you do it for fun. Also, one of the best tips for raising the Rift level is to always remember that intrusions quickly reduce the amount of experience they reward when raising the level. You should always try to find loopholes at your level or just above to act in a group. They provide the best experience by a mile. When you raise the level of the current zone you’re in, violations in the zone bring smaller rewards.

Many players prefer to spend time in PvP, and with available daily PvP you can get a huge experience. Maybe PvP isn’t for you? Well, since this is one of our top tips for raising the level, Gap’s daily PvP jobs can be huge and very rewarding.

There are many dungeons that you can access in the game after reaching level 17. The dungeons are designed for 5 groups of people and are home to powerful monsters that dump a lot of prey. When pumping, you need to remember a few things. First, when you first run the dungeon, there are usually a few quests that are worth the time spent. There are three missions with Realm of the Fae, one of which brings a very beautiful reward in the form of weapons. It may take you thirty or forty-five minutes, you can get the full level between the XP mob and the respective quests. After all, you’ll still want to go through each dungeon once to complete quests. Dungeons can be a great source of faction as you approach the next level of the faction. Having said that, it’s a waste of time, repeatedly running the dungeons for mining before you reach the 50th level. When you raise the level, you move so fast that you always change your things. It’s a waste of time to go through the same dungeon over and over again in the hope that a particular object will fall out.

Council’s conclusion on defects

In conclusion, here are some tips for updating the Rift to sum up:

Enter and fill out PvP logs

Participate in faults and intrusions when you’re comfortable

Complete each dungeon once to complete your quests

Look for the rest of your time

Using these Rift alignment tips, you can and can be sure that your alignment speed will be as high as possible.

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