Rift Supremacy Guide Review – What Is The Best Rift Strategy Guide?

Rift Supremacy is one of the most popular professional guides to Rift: Planes of Telara. This online role-playing game is growing rapidly among players and has received rave reviews from a number of sources. With its unique vocation/soul system, as well as the inclusion of The Guardian and Defiant Battle and Rifts/Invasions, Rift can be a challenging game to learn, not to mention learning the basics.

For this reason, many players have chosen a guide to rift strategy. In this Rift Supremacy Guide review you’ll find out whether this is an effective and worthy strategy guide or whether this product is hype, not content. In this open rift Supremacy review you’ll learn what you need to know to make a conscious buying decision on this popular strategy guide.

The first thing to pay attention to is what the guide teaches. It is important to understand that this guide is primarily focused on increasing the power level, which means that it is aimed at teaching you to raise your character’s level as quickly as possible with the minimum playing time. Increasing the power level is a useful skill to learn, because you can bypass the monotonous task of spending a huge amount of time raising the level and instead quickly reach the maximum level so that you can then enjoy other aspects of the game, such as wrestling.

The Rift Supremacy power alignment instructions are by far the best in the industry. While other guides (such as the Xerxes guide) may have excellent strategies for combat and treasure hunting, nothing beats the simple steps in Rift Supremacy to pass the power level. So if you want to raise the level as soon as possible, you really need a copy of Supremacy.

As mentioned above, one of the drawbacks of Rift Supremacy is that it does not give the best instructions regarding important game mechanics such as the fight. Instead, it assumes and relies on a basic understanding of combat and game strategies. Therefore, it is aimed at middle- and advanced players who want to quickly rise to the level and dominate the game, rather than absolute beginners, who really find it difficult to learn the ropes.

One thing you can’t beat in Rift Supremacy is the excellent video guides that come with the basic part of the electronic guide. Using videos to familiarize yourself with quest strategies, character-building and level-raising techniques will make it much easier to master the game. Few other Rift strategy guides offer such detailed video guides, making the prospect very attractive.

Another great part of the Rift Supremacy guide is the character creation section. One of the most confusing and complex tasks in a network role-playing game is to create a strong and functional character. However, the guide makes it very easy, creating clear and concise call/soul combinations suitable for any style of play.

They are easy to follow, and all the characters offered are fun and easy to play. There are also detailed instructions and tips for all the professions and skills of the Rift, although I personally believe that the Xerxes Guide is better in this area. If it’s important for you to have a quick guide to the different professions and skills you can learn from Rift, check out the Xerxes guide,

As for prices, you can get your copy of Rift Supremacy today for $34.95. In my opinion, this is a very reasonable price, because you get a quality guide to the game with accompanying videos, a 60-day money back guarantee and instant digital download. Because Rift is a paid subscription game, it really helps to know how to play the game right – you want to get what you pay for.

For this reason I highly recommend buying Rift Supremacy today. I hope you found this Rift Supremacy Guide review informative. While you can play the game without a guide by learning a solid counter, you’ll probably get a lot more fun if you make a small investment in the strategy guide and learn from the mistakes of other players.

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